LIVECHAT Contact Center for Windows 10


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LIVECHAT Contact Center is a program for online customer service. It allows you to carry cottage with users who are located at the company's website, as well as with other operators. Visitors can ask for help at any time. This is done by clicking on the invitation, which is located on the side to open a chat window. This does not require any client-side software. This channel Internet communication is more interactive and efficient than e-mail, and do not cost the client. Contact Center includes an integrated Business Instant Messenger mode. It is a channel of internal communication within the company, created on the model of the popular friends list, but that is where the similarity to a free instant messaging. Business Messenger is a secure channel exchange of information - all data is encrypted 128-bit code. All contacts and conversations are collected and maintained in a central knowledge base, allowing you to control the network and data flow. The cost of internal communication is dropped, because the staff will not have to use the phone to communicate with each other. Furthermore, there is the option to create a conference between employees. Everything is done in real time, so there is no delay in the exchange of information. LIVECHAT Contact Center is a solution for companies seeking to improve the quality of online services, improve customer service and increase sales. Caution! The trial version allows for 14 days of free use.